Beliefs Edit

Igirisuists believe in the power of the Eyebrows and their supreme deity: The Eyebrowed One. Some other beliefs include:

Scones Edit


Possessive Scones (not to be mistaken for regular scones)

Scones are a symbol of unity in Igirisuism, in order to convert others (especially doitsuists) into the religion, Igirisuists will use special possessive scones to encompass them. These Scones are made in secret igirisuist bakeries and only a few chosen ones know the recipe to make them.

Tea Edit

Tea is the blood of the religion. It is said that Igirisuists have tea in 2% of their blood. Tea is sacred and should be consumed at least twice everyday. All varieties of tea are accepted, except reheated tea and some iced teas that are seen as "fake" and a disgust to the religion. The most common type of tea to drink is Earl Grey for it is the most celebrated among Igirisuists.


Here we have an under-cover Igirisuist