Magic Edit


One of the many beliefs of an Igirisuist resides in the casting of magic. Magic is a necessary skill needed to participate in this religion and most members learn a few spells in their conversion. It is an all-powerful guidance to their faith used to protect but also to harm if needed. Black magic is most often the way Igirisuists will fight back against their Doitsuist counterparts that is why it is a great part in their tradition to learn. However, it is not the only magic that exists and therefore, they must learn other branches as well like Transfiguration, Healing, and Charms.

Summoning Edit


The summoning of demons is also common as The Eyebrowed One himself is an expert on the topic. Demons are most often used to fight or to curse others. Since the difficulty of summoning is great, most igirisuists don't summon at all which leaves the subject up to The Eyebrowed One.

Curses Edit


The Eyebrowed One and Busby's Chair

By far the most common way of getting revenge from their enemies is by cursing them. (cursing AT them too...a lot..). Most curses are cast by wand spells but a variety of them include chants and verbal. The most famous curse was done by The Eyebrowed One himself and "Busby's Chair" any one who sits on it will be cursed for many years.