For those rebels who refuse to follow the Doitsu, come join Igirisuism! Behold, I am the one and only Evil Eyebrowed One, as they call me! I come and lead silly Doitsuists away and to my side. Using my scones, I can possess your poor souls, and bring you to the dark side! Why join me you ask? Well I'm sure this side is full of fun and games don't you think? We can destroy all Doitsuists and form a religion to call our own!

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For those rebels who refuse to follow the Doitsu, come join Igirisuism, an APH religion unified under possessive scones and extravagant eyebrows. If you worship The Eyebrowed One, this religion is for you. Here you can master the arts of black magic, have unlimited tea, possess others using scones and own your very own flying mint bunny, all whilst being sarcastic and gentlemanly, or womanly, of course. Join if you wish, except you may not if you're a doitsuist. Just remember- together, we can defeat Doitsu and his followers! Edit

(Not to be confused for Saint Iggy, who follows Doitsu) (Saint Iggy is a false England)

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Igirisuism is a "religion" based on the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers, centering around the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Don't underestimate the British Empire

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