The Eyebrowed One and his magical creature friends. Aliens don't exist.

Igirisuists believe in a variety of magical creature including the most iconic and The Eyebrowed One's pet, the Flying Mint Bunny. Magical creatures are said to enhance an igirisuist's spell casting so they are very popular to have as pets among them. The Eyebrowed One has a garden full of them and established a farm where they are raised and taken care of. Igirisuists are very intimate towards nature and seek to learn from it. However, not all magical creatires can be domestiacted since some are dangerous to be around. An igiristuist is always on the look out for threatening species of magical creatures so that they avoid any harm to others.

Flying Mint Bunny Edit

Flying mint bunny by blueoceaneyes101-d4xsyug

Common Flying Mint Bunny

Perhaps the Eyebrowed One's first creature friend and the most iconic of them all, the Flying Mint Bunny is a common species of magical creature. It's embodied as a regular bunny except it can communicate, has fluffy wings to fly, and it can come in a variety of colours rather than the common minty blue. This creature is also one of the first species to be domesticated by the Igirisuists in their farm and therefore is the perfect housepet. They are very friendly and loyal and will surprise you by appearing beside you when you need it the most.