The Eyebrowed One and his famous Death Smirk

About Edit

The Eyebrowed One is the supreme deity of the Igirisuists. His Eyebrows are his main definable feature that contain unspeakable power. He is a master of the dark arts of sorcery and witchcraft. The Lord can be seen surrounded by flying mint bunnies and unicorns, or if you are a muggle, he will appear to be talking to thin air. The Eyebrowed One lives in his palace atop a large hill, which is surrounded by his famous English rose garden that inhabits the rarest magical creatures in all lands. He enjoys arts such as embroidering and spell-casting and his interests include having a grave obsession over BBC shows such as Sherlock and Doctor Who, not to mention the Harry Potter series and Monty Python.

Arch Nemesis Edit


Here, The Eyebrowed One suffers defeat under the power of Lord Doitsu. Leading to his take on revenge from him.

The Eyebrowed One has had many fierce battles with his arch nemesis Doitsu based on the classic plot of good and evil. Sadly to the demise of Igirisuists, he most often loses them because of his limited popularity. He believes in order to defeat Doitsu, he must raise an army and soon after, a grand battle of revenge will take place. Because of his desperate need of vengeance, he is not prone to show mercy or peace. His ultimate goal is to destroy Doitsu and his religion once and for all.

Background Edit

Little is known about The Eyebrowed One's true character, but in the recent times He has become more open to the world because of his need for a growing reputation. Although he loves his dark side, he can be quite a flirt if he has competition or if intimidated, although this is extremely rare and often subsides to his tsundere side, which is in fact, his most expressed side. Another personality aspect of him is his everlasting loneliness that was there since his childhood. He was bullied a lot by others and he lived a lonely life in the woods by himself. It is also where he met most of his creature friends like unicorn, pixie, brownie, flying mint bunny, and Mrs. Fairy. Also, the fairies who raised him taught him the principles of magic, which he then went on as he got older and furthered his studies, his first branch learnt was transfiguration.